Our Mission

The founding partners of Six Degrees Real Estate set out with a mission – to build on integrity, honesty, and innovation to bring you the high-end real estate experience you deserve.

Our comprehensive understanding of where the industry needs innovation has allowed us to redesign the process from the ground up. Our revolutionary approach to property positioning, digital marketing, and cutting-edge technology is disrupting the marketplace in order to create a home buying experience like never before.




High-End Real Estate

Our team has played an integral part in the Louisville, Kentucky real estate scene and has witnessed an immense boom within our community. And yet, that growth is often stifled by the inundated processes that only serve to widen the gap between buyer and seller. Six Degrees aims to position the reach and reputation of our agents, coupled with our seamless internal systems, to ensure a logarithmic approach to residential and commercial real estate.

Our extensive industry knowledge, combined with creative marketing, data-driven decision making, and frontier technology, allows us to provide exceptional value to our clients while surpassing the traditional standards.

It’s been said that those who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who will actually do it – and that’s why we’re here.


Industry Knowledge

Creative Marketing

Data-Driven Decision Making

Frontier Technology